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Women how to choose their own masturbation

by Adult sexlove on February 11, 2020

Masturbation is not a “patent” for men. Masturbation is a free sleeping pill. Regardless of men or women, masturbation can completely relax the body and mind, is a perfect free hypnotic without side effects. Masturbation equipment is a tool used by men and women for self-stimulation. So, how can women choose a masturbation device that suits them?

Faced with so many types, how should women choose the masturbation device that suits them? The following answers for everyone:

1. What kind of orgasm do you like? Do you think the clitoris is more irritating or the vagina is more prone to orgasm?

2. Do you know your own physiological structure? What is the capacity of the vagina and the sensitivity of the clitoris? This helps you to have a standard in choosing the size of the appliance or the frequency of egg-beating vibrations.

3. Do you often use female appliances? If so, you can choose fashionable and fashionable ones. If you have no experience in using them, start with relatively simple vibrating sticks or jumping eggs. These toys are usually simple in function, easy to operate and suitable for great Used by most women.

4. Do you know the brand and quality standards of adult products? We know that adult products are private personal products, and they have high requirements on the material of the products. Genuine brands are generally made of medical silicone rubber, non-toxic and tasteless, and will not cause damage to the human body. Try to choose a regular, large adult product mall to buy, the quality can be guaranteed.