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What is jumping egg? Introduction to the jumping egg principle

by Adult sexlove on February 10, 2020

Egg jumping is an adult product for female masturbation. It can be placed next to sensitive parts in the appliance, which drives the nearby area, especially the vagina, to make high-frequency vibrations up to about 10,000 times per minute, which can strongly stimulate female sexual excitement. In addition, egg jumping can also Take it out and stimulate a certain part of the female body separately. It can be used as an ideal sex toy for two purposes. So, how does jumping egg bring us passion, and how does jumping egg work?

How jumping eggs bring us passion

Egg jumping, also known as shock egg, is a sex toy used for masturbation in the vagina or anus. Due to its small size, it can be placed in the vagina or anus as a whole.

There is an egg-shaped part of the egg. Some are wired and some are wireless. Wireless egg jumpers usually have a string. After use, you can pull the string to remove the egg from the vagina or anus.

How does jumping egg work?

The basic principle is to use the effect of the vibration caused by the motor plus eccentric copper, and use the eccentric way of the bar type motor (BarType) to extend out of the axis. Move (rotate around the core of the motor), it will cause the feeling of jumping eggs.

Because the traditional coiled motor (CoredMotor) has a large electromagnetic wave noise, it is now gradually developing towards a coreless motor (CorelessMotor), and wireless motors have also begun to be used. The quality of the motor itself determines the speed (vibration force), volume, life and price.

The sexual excitement generated by women using Thunder Swan Eggs is even more than the pleasure brought by sex, and this pleasure is often beyond the self-control ability of women, making their love for erotic Eggs irresistible and concealable. Even when many women are having sex with a partner, they are required to use it in conjunction with a sexually-sexy egg to achieve an infinite orgasm.