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What are the characteristics of wireless soft rubber jumping egg? What style is good

by Adult sexlove on February 27, 2020
Jumping Egg can be inserted into the vagina or anus and massaged to stimulate the vagina or anus. Torque shocks ecstasy. The wireless soft rubber jumping egg is a more popular style. So, what are the characteristics of wireless soft rubber jumping eggs, what style is good?

What are the characteristics of the wireless soft rubber jumping egg? The soft rubber jumping egg is similar to the basic jumping egg. The difference is that the surface of the vibrating egg is covered with a layer of soft latex, which makes the vibration more delicate. It is suitable for women who have no sexual experience. 10% of the soft gel can quickly adapt to the temperature of the body surface, not too cold in winter.

What kind of wireless soft rubber jumping egg is good? Baile soft rubber special frequency conversion G point to explore waterproof single hopping egg: with a trendy and tactile contact 12-segment frequency conversion design, choose your favorite pulses. segment. Shaking eggs can effectively stimulate the vaginal wall massage, the effect is extremely outstanding, and soon can reach orgasm. This product adopts imported new raw materials and advanced technology, with a unique design to meet the various needs of the human body! Its smooth appearance meets the needs of human skin but will not damage the skin. Within your body's allowable range, you will be satisfied by orgasm Passion and impulse!

Tiaodan is known as the king of flirting, with lots of gameplay, light and cute. Baile's fashion series jumping eggs are designed with cuteness and peculiarity. Beat it inside the vagina, and stimulate it on the outside to stimulate private parts, nipples, and the backyard. You can dance for your parents in any part of your body, adding fun. Pro can think of it, he can do it!