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What are the benefits of wireless egg jumping? Which one is better

by Adult sexlove on February 14, 2020

Wireless egg jumping Japanese men's favorite remote control egg jumping, let your partner put a round head into your pants, you control her excitement, let her sexual desire rise, and look at your hungry eyes can not help but excited stand up. So, what are the benefits of wireless egg jumping, which one is better?

The shape of the jumping egg is very important. Users should choose according to their preferences and certain sizes and needs. There are many types of jumping eggs available for consumers to purchase, such as: single jumping egg, double jumping egg, double switch double jumping egg, wireless jumping egg, wired jumping egg, waterproof jumping egg, variable frequency jumping egg, stepless jumping egg, barbed jumping egg, remote jumping egg, metal jumping egg, LCD jumping eggs, long jumping eggs, short jumping eggs, etc. Only you can't think of it, nothing you can't buy.

What are the benefits of wireless egg jumping? Not only one party can experience the thrill of vibration, but the other party can truly feel the happiness of the partner, and the remote control can also be used as a massager to massage the body. The ultra-quiet performance can keep you away from the unpleasant and noisy when using it, allowing you to fully immerse in pleasure and enjoy its beauty.

Which one is better to use? I recommend the remote 12-frequency / 36-frequency wireless fun single-hop egg: dual-control twelve-segment variable-frequency wireless remote egg-hop. She has a stylish and trendy two-button remote control design. It is convenient to remotely control each pulse. Choose your favorite pulse. Do not start from one. , Think of that period. The new ten-segment frequency-changing eggbeat has an additional key function and an energy-saving diode is installed inside the core, so users can use this wireless eggbeat under the same battery to charge the battery for twice as long as it has not been updated before.