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Types of jumping eggs and how to use them

by Adult sexlove on February 10, 2020

Jumping eggs, needless to say that everyone should know, is an egg that can arouse and arouse. Its main function is that it can emit continuously adjustable high-frequency vibrations to achieve the massage and stimulation effect on female sensitive parts. So as to promote the harmonious sexual life between couples and lovers, and enhance the relationship between the two. The average person uses a lot of misunderstandings when using jumping eggs. Improper use will bring bad results. Below I will introduce to you a few kinds of fun jumping eggs. To choose a jumping egg that suits you, you must first understand the basic classification of jumping eggs. Jumping eggs can be divided into basic jumping eggs, multi-shock jumping eggs, soft rubber jumping eggs, double-shock jumping eggs, one-shock one-stick jumping eggs, pronunciation jumping eggs, and special-shaped jumping eggs.

Basic egg jumping-the simplest and basic egg jumping with vibration function, generally the vibration frequency is continuously adjustable, (suitable for middle-aged women, or strong sexual desire women)

Multi-shock beating eggs--developed on the basis of a single vibration with 7 different vibration modes, such as continuous vibration, 5 seconds stop, 1 second stop, 1 second stop, 1 second stop, half second stop, continuous vibration 5 The amplitude of the second vibration is from strong to strong. The advantage of this jumping egg is that it can meet the stimulation requirements of different women on the inductive parts. (Suitable for women with high sexual requirements)

Soft rubber jumping egg-This kind of jumping egg is almost the same as the basic jumping egg. The difference is that the surface of the vibrating egg is covered with a layer of soft latex, which makes the vibration more delicate. It is suitable for women who have no sexual experience. Quickly adapt to the temperature of the body surface, it will not be very cold in winter.

Double shock egg-as the name suggests, it is a jump egg with two shaking heads. He can also be divided into simple double shocks and double head 7 shock eggs. It is a little bit when stimulating the female part. Better take care of all the inductive parts of women, suitable for women who like alternative sex and have high requirements for sex foreplay.

Shocked and beaten eggs-This kind of jumped eggs can also be said to be a combination of jumping eggs and appliances, which is a vibrating stick plus a jumping egg. When you use the jumping egg to stimulate, you can also insert the vibrating stick into a more incisive part. When you have a person, you will complete a perfect sex experience (suitable for single women)

Sound Jumping Eggs-It is the addition of the pronunciation function on the basis of ordinary jumping eggs, making your sex foreplay more romantic and passionate. (Suitable for girls who have sex for the first time and have no moaning experience)

Alien jumping egg-It is a product that evolved based on the basic jumping egg. Some can be put on the penis root to stimulate the lovers' instincts between your insertion and insertion. Such as vibrating condoms, vibrating lock ring and so on.

How to use jumping eggs?

Install the battery according to the instructions of the battery box in the instruction manual. Apply lubricant on the surface of the device (or wear a condom on the device), slowly insert the auxiliary device into the vagina, start the power supply, vibrate and massage the vagina to reach orgasm, and turn off the power. Withdraw the device from the vagina.

Many people have this misunderstanding. It is wrong to think that jumping eggs are a tool to stimulate the clitoris. Small vibrating eggs can not only stimulate the female clitoris. In this way, any female incisive part can be used to stimulate , Massage, soothe.

It is best not to directly stimulate the most sensitive parts of women at first, because many women are slow heat type, and it may not be able to stand the stimulation of the clitoris, especially for girls who have no more sexual experience. If you don't make it well, the girl will have an antipathy to this weird thing. You can first kiss and rub it, and then use jumping eggs to stimulate the ears, lips, neck, nipples, etc., depending on the other party ’s response. If the response is strong, you can extend the stimulation time, Extend to the lower body in turn. Here is the critical moment. Do n’t put the jumping egg at her most intimate position. Many people will not stand the strong vibration. You can first move from the inner thigh to the area near the pubic hair, and then transfer to the anus. Nearby, wait for the other party to give you a signal that you want deeper stimulation, and then slowly move the jumping egg to the most intimate area (clitium). At this time, the amplitude of the vibration should also be appropriately reduced, so that she slowly adapts, and waits for Increasing the frequency of the vibration, and finally you can even put the jumping egg into the vagina for stimulation, which may make her reach an orgasm quickly.