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Multi-functional gameplay of Little Jump Egg

by Adult sexlove on February 19, 2020

For example, my girlfriend was a bit shy when she first started using it, but the shock made her feel very irritating and gradually fell in love with this thing. Don't stand between couples, enjoy the fun, if you use them together, jumping eggs will be very cool and exciting. At the same time, it can increase the relationship between the two, and they are both comfortable in "sex" and will only become closer.

Moreover, who said that jumping eggs are just toys for girls, this idea is too stingy, as a boy, I can also use it very well! Then today I will give you a review of two jumping eggs, the first is this: portable jumping eggs.

With roulette operation, multi-speed transmission, the vibration degree after loading the battery is very amazing, and it feels shocking when held in the hand. The comparison volume is moderate and slightly larger. However, everyone should pay attention that this egg is not waterproof, so it cannot be immersed in water, and it is best not to put it in the honey garden or chrysanthemum. (Because the position of the interface between the jumping egg and the line is not sealed, it will enter the water.) When you choose, you should also pay attention to whether the jumping egg is waterproof.

How to play: Can't shove into vibration, how to play? In fact, there are many ways to play,

1. You can use it to stimulate the outside of the girl ’s honey garden, mainly Doudou and its surrounding areas, as well as the chest. As long as you do n’t insert it, it is more sensitive to most women than in the honey garden. Will make her cool. When using it, don't press on it with shock, touch it around [the point], and the best vibration effect is the circle.

2. You can also put the jumping egg against her backyard and touch her honey garden, it will feel great. Simultaneous stimulation on both sides can quickly make your girlfriend feel.

3. In addition to doing foreplay, we can also use it ourselves. When watching the movie, you can use jumping eggs to stimulate the mushroom head and the coronal sulcus. It feels like an electric current is flowing through your body instantly, which is much cooler than using your hand ~

4. You can also sit, put the jumping egg under your ass, put it on the chrysanthemum, and then start the vibration. The wireless remote control jumping egg will have a weird and wonderful feeling, very exciting. Coupled with the right and left hand planes, this feels so acidic (really sour and refreshing, very beautiful ~) I don't think many people play this way, but it is definitely worth a try, otherwise it will be the same for decades The way of flying is boring enough. It is always exciting to try new games.

Of course, jumping eggs are not only used for foreplay, they can also be used to shake into the honey garden during insertion, which can be stimulated by both men and women, but normal-sized jumping eggs are not acceptable. You need to use this kind of small and small jumping eggs.

First of all, the brand of the jumping egg is Afra. I have used a lot of toys, so I know that the products of this brand are quite economical and practical. After getting the product, not only the packaging has a texture, but the physical material is also very good. taste.

Don't think that it is small and irritating. It is the first jumping egg for men and women.

How to play:

1. Because it is waterproof and small, you can easily put it in your girlfriend's honey garden, and then I enter again, turn on the vibration, let you two orgasm together, super exciting ~ And, to explain, the use of micro-jump eggs, the best Use male to female downtrend, wireless remote control jumping eggs because in this way you can occupy a dominant position, girls only need to be responsible for enjoyment. And you can put the jumping egg into the secret garden first, and then insert it, or you can insert and then put the jumping egg. Both methods work, but the stimulus is slightly different. The former mainly stimulates the mushroom head portion, while the latter mainly stimulates the bottom of tintin. Although the vibration and jumping egg are connected by wire, there will be no interference, as long as you don't pull too hard ~

I recommend the first method, because the eggs are inserted deeper, which not only stimulates the glans, but also stimulates the depths of the girls. The girlfriend obviously responded more strongly and was more excited in the first method. She told me to try After that, I can't forget the taste ~ Friends who recommend to use it at the beginning, don't drive the vibration too strong, you can slowly feel it first, and then gradually strengthen the sense of vibration. In addition, this jumping egg is also variable speed, and made into the shape of a mouse, directly operate the gear to change speed.

2, it can be easily put into the girlfriend's chrysanthemum, of course, you must first rub some lubricant. What's the use of jumping eggs? Although it is small, it has a strong sense of shock. At the same time, you must also OOXX in front, let her taste the two-pronged beauty

3. There are also boys that can be used, I have tried it, anyway, it is not big, just rub some lubricant and put it in the backyard. After watching the movie, you can shake while shaking. When I used it for the first time, the vibration was too loud, and it shot instantly, but it felt really cool ~~