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Moaning on the bed - What is the mysterious thing about moaning

by Adult sexlove on September 15, 2020

I have received a lot of private messages asking about calling a bed. Who would have thought that my little darlings are still bothering about calling a bed? It's my pot. I thought I was bringing a group of the strongest kings. There were some bronze players.

For me, being silent when having sex is like watching Master Chaplin’s mime, watching the Chinese good voice contestants soar each other, and you turned off the mute this feeling jio~ Of course it’s for me personally Let’s talk about it. It’s not a problem if some little babies enjoy this kind of “silent sex”. They are all personal preferences, and there is no right or wrong.

In fact, I can understand some of the little sisters who dare not yell out because of their shyness. After all, I was the kind of person who wouldn't yell out even if the pleasure was overwhelming. I just whisper like that~

As for why I become a "must call" person now, it is because once my ex said to me: baby, do you know? In fact, when a man looks at Ivy, he hardens when he hears the cries of female pig's feet...not because of how exciting the plot is;

This refreshed my cognition. Does calling a bed really have such a big effect? I'm an activist, and that night proved that he did not lie to me. As I said before, men also need to interact when in bed, and they want to respond to everything;

Your response will make him work harder and better understand your feelings. On the other hand, it is also an expression of our own emotions. It’s good or bad, comfortable or uncomfortable. It does not mean that you are unilaterally trying to please the other person. Call it~

Btw Hong Kong really, a good bed call can really make up for his poor skills, not long enough, and the appearance of these small defects that you don't point to. Especially if the voice of the other party is beautiful, gentle and deep, and screams like a cloud~~ In your lingering breath, there is only a blend of selflessness, and there is no space to think about those small details;

Of course, there is still some difficulty in the actual operation; the first thing to know is that the louder the caller, the more sexually excited the other party~ After all, the matter of calling a bed is still a private and interesting thing, right? , If the neighbors next door knock on the door to protest, it will not only be defeated, but may also cause a shadow;

Secondly, you don’t need to have a tune from the beginning to the end or call it out of order (although I know that sometimes it is inevitable that you need to cooperate with the performance), but the effect will be better if you have a little skill~

So the question is, what should I call it?


I said before that we don’t need to call from start to end, or even at the beginning, you don’t even need to speak out. Of course, helping sex is not in the scope of this discussion. From the beginning of teasing and caressing to the beginning of the show, you You can breathe and groan quietly, signal you are very pleasant, or make a more coquettish voice at the critical moment when he teases your sensitive points~

This is the instinctive reaction of your body. It is an uncontrollable response. It is sent at the right time when you are getting better. Your confusion and breathing are both catalysts~


Just like what we say every day, nine shallows and one deep are just quantifiers, they don’t really let you count the beats to exercise, right; the rhythm here doesn’t mean that you make ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, eh The rhythm of the bed also depends on the situation, preferably accompanied by corresponding body movements or language expression;

With the other's actions and your own inner feelings: right, right, right is right here, so comfortable~ words like this will let the other person understand and take care of your feelings in a timely manner; you can have a quicker tone, a little bit coquettish, or a little louder. a little bit.


How should I put it, a creature like a man is fascinating. In bed, I really prefer the kind of drama that I want to refuse and welcome. For example, I say that I don’t want to be physically but I am honest~ (Sometimes girls don’t need to pay attention to it~) It’s better to like leaks than leaks. The kind that is naked, in the final analysis, is the desire to conquer.

So sometimes it’s okay to be arrogant. It’s to create the feeling that you can’t bear it and can’t suppress it before you are forced to scream~ I want to scream but don’t dare to scream, I want to scream but don’t dare to say it. , I said "Don't", but the body reflects "Don't stop, don't stop~ Basically I should be able to say that more than 90% of men can't stop. After all, conquering and developing is the fun they will always pursue.

Let’s talk about some other facial expressions with or body movements;
Expression coordination

I remembered that a sister of mine said that she accidentally saw her expression when she had sex with her partner in front of a mirror. It was so hideous and terrifying. So how do you manage your facial expressions in bed?

It’s very simple, winking like silk, biting lip, squinting, frowning~ If you can’t, you can learn a little movie from Dokangkang.

body movements

Hook each other's neck with both hands, kiss or gasp in his ear;
Pulling the opponent's hand with ten fingers clasped tightly, the body slightly caters to the arch~
Rub your toes against your opponent’s calves, or your legs are wide and wide
Insert your fingers gently and gently into the opponent's hair~
Touch the other person’s sensitive points and rub with your body~
You can also caress his back, arms and other parts with your hands;

Finally, calling a bed is actually impossible to describe in specific words. I personally feel that it should be a voice that everyone can't help but unconsciously emit when they feel uncomfortable, so that both parties can feel happy.

Wanting to have a high-quality sex with someone you like is the right that everyone pursues, so it’s not shameful to explore and study sex. I hope we can more and more face up to sex education and sex science.