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In addition to love, the penis has a mysterious function!

by Adult sexlove on September 17, 2020
There is always a sense of shame when it comes to "two sexes"? No, no, a correct understanding of "health for both sexes" can help your life more than a little bit~

You may not know these "cold knowledge of both sexes"

1. Except for humans, almost all male mammals have a bone in their penis.

2. Among the 4 billion people of the right age in the world, about 1 in 17 people will have sex every day. That is to say, every second there are 4000 people on the earth who are in love.

3. The female elephant has a relatively long clitoris, which looks like a penis. Until the female elephant puts the huge clitoris back into the body, the male elephant can find the target and obtain the opportunity to mate. If the female elephant is unwilling, the male can only stare at it.

4. The information volume of DNA in a single sperm is as high as 37.5 megabytes. One ejaculation is equivalent to transmitting 1403810GB of data in three seconds. Such a large amount of information can fill 44,000 32G iPads. If you use it Upload on 3G network takes 174 years.

5. Humans are not the only species with oral behaviors, cheetahs, polar bears, goats, etc. also exist.

6. Sleepwalking love love is a state similar to the combination of spring dreams and sleepwalking, that is, love and love while sleeping, but sleepwalkers have no knowledge of their behavior.

7. 52% of couples did not complete the room on the night of their wedding, and 17% admitted that they did not complete the room more than 3 days after the wedding, mainly due to alcohol and fatigue.

The shape of the penis directly affects the quality of sexual life. Generally, if the glans is large, the friction on the vagina is the strongest, so the mushroom-shaped glans is the best

The function of the penis:

1. Coitus for sexual intercourse.

2. Eliminate urine from the bladder through the contained urethra.

3. Before ejaculation, the place where sperm and semen fluid components are collected is also the organ that discharges semen.

Anatomy of the penis:

The penis is divided into three parts: head, body and root. The back end is the root of the penis, which is hidden in the deep surface of the scrotum and perineal skin; the middle part is the penis body, which is cylindrical, hanging in front of and below the symphysis pubis; the front end of the penis is enlarged as the head of the penis .

The penis is composed of two cavernous bodies of the penis and a cavernous body of the urethra. The cavernous body of the penis is a cylindrical body with thin ends, one on the left and one on the left and one on the back of the penis. The cavernous body of the urethra is located on the ventral side of the cavernous body of the penis, and the urethra runs through the entire length. The middle part is cylindrical, and the front end is enlarged as the glans of the penis.

There are many cavernous trabeculae and cavities inside the cavernous body of the penis, which are connected with blood vessels. When these cavities are congested, the penis becomes thick and hard.

The skin of the penis is thin, soft, and stretchable. On the head of the penis, a double ring fold is formed around the head of the penis, which is called the foreskin of the penis.

The foreskin of infants is longer, covering the entire penis, and the foreskin opening is also small. With age, the foreskin gradually shrinks and the foreskin opening gradually expands. The foreskin covers the urethral opening, but can reveal the outer urethral opening and the glans of the penis when the foreskin is too long. When the foreskin openings are too small and the foreskin completely covers the glans of the penis and cannot be opened, it is called phimosis. In both cases, inflammation is prone to occur due to the stimulation of dirt in the foreskin cavity, which becomes a factor inducing penile cancer.