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How to use Double Jump Egg? Where to buy cheap

by Adult sexlove on February 15, 2020

Double Jump Eggs can be used both as a couple's fun toy and as a personal masturbation product. Multiple uses to make your life more fun and make sex apathy into history. Use it regularly to make you experience unprecedented happiness. So, how to use Double Jump Egg, where can I buy it cheaply?

The jumping egg has a smooth surface, and there are many particularly cute shapes and different colors of jumping eggs on the market, which increase the interest of users. The types of jumping eggs are: single jumping egg, double jumping egg, double switch double jumping egg, wireless jumping egg, wired jumping egg, waterproof jumping egg, variable frequency jumping egg, stepless jumping egg, barbed jumping egg, remote jumping egg, metal jumping egg, liquid crystal jumping egg, long jumping egg, short jumping egg, etc.

How to use Double Jump Egg?

Due to its small size and cuteness and easy to carry, Tiaodan is becoming a favorite baby of female friends. Today, I will introduce the usage of Double Jump Egg:

1. Standard gameplay: Put one of the jumping eggs into the vagina, and the vibration head of the other jumping egg is aimed at the YinDi part, so that the double jumping eggs are synchronized and double stimulated to achieve the simultaneous climax of YinDi and the vagina!

2. Fully penetrate the non-vibrating head of the two jumping eggs into the vagina and back chamber completely, and shake the head to the outside. Why shake the head everywhere? Because the second half without the shaker is longer, so if you put it in a sensitive part, you will feel fuller.

3. Put the double-hop egg into the vagina at the same time, remember to fully penetrate it, shake the head outside, the principle is the same as the No. 3 game. The feeling of fullness produced by this gameplay is unparalleled, and the double vibration can give a full range of stimulation to the vagina, allowing you to reach the vaginal orgasm quickly!

Where can I buy Double Jump Eggs cheaply? Double Jump Eggs are generally available in pharmacies or in supermarkets and shopping malls. It is very convenient to buy because it is a very affordable product for the general public. Something that limits the crowd.