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How to maintain female masturbation eggs? What to pay attention to when using

by Adult sexlove on February 21, 2020

Female friends using masturbation eggs can experience different pleasures and enjoy higher sexual pleasure. It is a very useful adult masturbation sex toy. So, how to maintain female masturbation eggs? What should be paid attention to?

For women who can't have sexual intercourse due to vaginal spasm, practicing masturbation is a part of treatment. It is best to use different sizes of dildos, from small to large, so that the vagina will gradually get used to the rotation of the dildo on the vaginal wall Friction stimulus, and then establish a normal sex life with real people.

Female masturbation eggs can easily make women's eroticism rise and enjoy sexual pleasure. The delicate vibration design can arbitrarily adjust the vibration frequency to fully meet the needs of women's sexual life. Strong vibrations, five gameplay checks, more orgasms waiting for you to excite.

The Adultsexlov reminds you that the precautions for using female masturbation eggs mainly include:

1. Female masturbation eggs should be cleaned with water before and after use to maintain personal hygiene. Do not wipe with volatile cleaning agents.

2. Please store female masturbation eggs in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humid places.

3. Women's masturbation eggs are recommended to be used with lubricant to prevent improper use from hurting your delicate skin.

Female female masturbation eggs should pay attention to when maintaining, first of all, must be cleaned, it is best to use clean water, not to use corrosive detergents; be sure to avoid sunlight during storage, and keep in a cool place. Clean drawers are good Places; female masturbation eggs are dedicated to people, they are very healthy, others are not necessarily, don't let "little eggs" become the culprit of disease transmission.