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What is Mini Wireless Jumping Egg?

by Adult sexlove on February 28, 2020
When it comes to jumping eggs, many people have heard of, or even used, mini wireless jumping eggs. What does Mini Wireless Jumping Egg look like and how do I use it?

Mini wireless egg jumping: the difference

What's the difference between mini wireless egg jumping and the past? First of all, we know that the difference between wired eggbeat and wireless eggbeat is that there is wireless, and everything else is almost the same. Egg skips have an egg-shaped part, some are wired and some are wireless. Wireless skip eggs usually have a string. The types of jumping eggs are: single jumping egg, double jumping egg, double switch double jumping egg, wireless jumping egg, wired jumping egg, waterproof jumping egg, variable frequency jumping egg, stepless jumping egg, barbed jumping egg, remote jumping egg, metal jumping egg, liquid crystal jumping egg, long jumping egg, short jumping egg, etc.

Mini wireless egg jumping: advantages

Mini wireless egg jumping, she has a stylish and trendy two-button remote control design. It is convenient to remotely control each pulse segment. Do n’t start searching for a segment you like. Just think of that segment and that segment. Now there is a unique high-end wireless remote control egg jumping on the market. It is an extra key function and an energy-saving diode is installed inside the core, so the user can use this wireless eggbeat charging time under the same battery is twice as long as the previous unupdated product.

Mini wireless egg jumping: matters needing attention

Wireless remote control The effective remote control distance can be up to more than 30 meters without obstacles. Controlled by the controller to open and close, you can freely enjoy the comfort brought by the jumping egg ... Because it is a wireless remote control switch, and the effective distance is very long, it is often grabbed in the hands of a male companion who likes to be emotional, and secretly Will turn on the egg. After use, you can pull the egg from the vagina or anus by pulling a string, otherwise it may get stuck inside. Care should be taken to prevent secretion from flowing out.

After reading the introduction above, presumably you have a preliminary understanding of mini wireless egg jumping in front of the computer. Do you also want to prepare such a small and exquisite baby for your wife or girlfriend, which will be addictive!