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What are the little secrets of men’s private parts that Women Must Know

by Adult sexlove on September 15, 2020

As the most secret part, the private parts have been carefully guarded. So, as his partner, do you also hug his private parts carefully? How much do you know about his private parts? Let's take a look at the little secrets of men's private parts today, so that women must know.

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Secrets of men’s private parts: You know the length of the penis by looking at your fingers

1. What standards would men use to measure their masculinity? Muscle, strength, or the length of the penis? In fact, the penis of the Oriental is almost the same, and it is about 10 to 15 cm after erection. In fact, sexual abilities have nothing to do with the length of the penis. Some of the so-called "short rods" seem to be very majestic, but they are not useful in the first place, so remember to "don't show off your shortness and your strengths."
2. Many people will have a slight curvature of the penis when they have an erection, and the degree varies from person to person. Some will bend upwards and downwards, and some will bend to the left or right. This is definitely not a supernatural or strange disease. Just not causing discomfort or hindering your sexual activity is already normal.
3. Sperm production takes about 90 to 116 days, and it can survive in the penis or cervix for 72 hours.
4. The penis is mostly caused by the cavernous body, which is covered with a layer of epidermis. When sexually excited, the cavernous body will become congested, making the penis hard, longer, and thicker for sex. This is The so-called "erection".
5. For some men, being able to stay longer will be their dream goal. Too much longer will make you unhappy, because the penis will not fade for too long, not only will you not enjoy your sexual desire Happiness will make you feel miserable.

6. The time for women to reach the tide of cream is always slower than that of men. Today, women have the right to pursue the tide of cream. Therefore, they will choose some wrong way to suppress men's ejaculation. For example, putting rubber bands or bands on the penis may cause blood to coagulate and cause the tissues of the penis to die.

7. If the penis is severely hit, it will break. When the penis breaks, it will make a loud noise, which will be very painful. It is best to send him to the hospital as soon as possible.

8. When the male enters the female vagina forcibly without lubrication, and the action is too intense, it will make the woman feel infinite pain, and may also cause the male foreskin laceration. Although the foreskin will heal on its own in this way, if it is too serious, the wound needs to be sutured.

9. A man is not a superman. The average man's sexual activity is at its peak when he is about 20 years old, and he can get up to seven erections a day on average!
10. A man’s G-spot is located behind the testicles and close to the perineum of the anus. It will be very comfortable to touch this "sensitive zone" gently!