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How to use av massage stick? what's the effect

by Adult sexlove on February 16, 2020

How to use av massage stick? What does it do? Av massage stick is a common sex product on the market. Using av massage stick can improve the sexual coldness of women and men and add fun to sex. So how to use av massage stick? what's the effect?

The av massager is fully waterproof and can be enjoyed in the bathroom. It has a compact shape and a built-in wireless integrated design. Using ordinary AA batteries, you can use it more safely. The main function is: to massage the sensitive parts of men and women, adjust the endocrine, and achieve the purpose of improving the quality of sexual life.

The method of use is:

1. Apply lubricant on the surface of the appliance;

2. Insert the device gently into the vagina, turn on the switch, and adjust the knob on the switch box to vibrate and massage the vagina to achieve orgasm.

But need to pay attention to:

Before using the  av massage stick, scrub and disinfect with 75% medical alcohol, it is better to apply a small amount of lubricant.

3. Do not contact with dirt such as ink. For personal use only, care should be taken before and after use. When the appliance is cleaned after use, do not contact the circuit part with water to avoid circuit failure. Do not contact the jacket with easy dirt such as ink. Remove the battery from the battery box before storing. , The appliance is packed in the packing box, and should be stored separately according to the original position for the next use.