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How to massage the prostate?

by AdultSexLove on May 05, 2022

Chapter 1:

What is Prostate Orgasm?

“Prostate milking” or “prostate massage” refers to the stimulation of the male prostate gland. This gland, which is sometimes referred to as the “P-spot” or “male G-spot” is a walnut-sized gland which is located inside the rectum. It’s not very deep into the rectum – it’s only a few inches inside.

Basically, if you want to achieve multiple continuous orgasms and maximize the pleasure that your body can naturally give you, then you’re going to have to get past the idea that prostate milking is “gay”. Have you ever met a gay bottom? They have the best sex in the entire world – they’re getting their prostate stimulated every time they shag. All men should be taking advantage of this natural anal G-spot!


Where is the prostate?

The prostate is located between the penis and the bladder. This gland is essential to male sexual functioning, secreting a fluid which helps to protect your sperm. Coincidentally, it is also intrinsically linked to the male orgasm, and prostate massage has to potential to produce incredibly strong orgasms in men.

How do you stimulate it?

Using a finger or reputable sex toy, you massage the prostate either internally or externally. Although external prostate stimulation can lead to some pleasurable sensations, internal stimulation is much more intense and enjoyable for most men. 

Everyone likes different kinds of stimulation; some enjoy the gentlest pressure or muscle contractions, while other men may like to hit their prostate quite hard in order to feel the pleasure. There are a variety of prostate toys available, such as vibrating prostate massagers and hands-free prostate toys.

Chapter 2:

Preparation & Cleaning

New to putting things inside your ass? Welcome to the world of anal play preparation. It’s not fun and it’s not always easy, but it’s an essential step to take if you want to keep things clean and avoid any nasty surprises.

Even if you’re used to anal play, there are additional steps which are advisable for prostate play, so be sure to give this a thorough read.


Cleaning your bottom

Poo comes out of your bottom, as you probably know. Do you know what’s a turn-off for the vast majority of people? Poo. So make sure that your bottom is clean before going up there – it’s not the sort of thing that you just chance.

  1. If possible, have a “clean” bowel movement which isn’t messy or runny. This will clear the way for insertion. Try to eat a healthy diet with lots of fiber, as this will keep your poops uniform and “neat”.
  2. Next, clean your asshole with a babywipe or toilet wet wipe, getting rid of any fecal matter on the outside.
  3. At this point, you may want to douche your anus to make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned out inside. There many websites with tips and guides on anal douching if you’re new to it.
  4. After cleaning out your ass, you may want to have a shower to get rid of any nasty smells or bits and pieces which may have come out during this process.

Because the prostate is only 2-3 inches inside your rectum, you don’t need to go mad with the whole bum cleaning thing. Sometimes your bottom will need less cleaning than others, and other times it may just be a no-go-zone for the night. 

In time, you’ll get used to knowing when you’re clean enough for prostate play. And at the end of the day, if a little bit of fecal matter does come out, it’s not the end of the world. Put a towel down and get over it – it’s only a little bit of poo.

Chapter 3:

Prostate Massaging Tools

Looking for those coveted prostate stimulation techniques which produce multiple long orgasms? Then you’re in the right place! Although couples erotic prostate milking can be fun, solo internal prostate stimulation with a high-quality sex toy is the best way to ensure a leg-quivering body-shaking continuous anal orgasm, sometimes referred to as the “Super O” in online prostate milking communities.


If using fingers

If you’re attempting to reach anal orgasm by having your (or your partner’s) fingers inside your ass, you should ensure that your fingernails are trimmed and clean. The last thing you want is dirty/pointy fingernails inside the rectum, as this can cause tears and uncomfortable feelings.

Also, if you’re not used to it, reaching around inside an ass can be a little strange. For this reason, some people prefer to use a glove or condom as a barrier between the finger and the prostate, helping it to feel a little less weird and direct.

As always with anal play, make sure that your finger is adequately lubed up with a high-quality anal lube. Everyone likes different lubes, but water-based and silicone-based lubes tend to be the most recommended for anal play.


If using a prostate toy

If you’re using a reputable prostate toy brand such as Aneros, then the prostate massager toy is going to be shaped so that it ergonomically fits your body, making it easier to insert and feeling quite “natural” once it takes its place.

First, be sure to clean the sex toy with warm soapy water or specialized sex toy wipes before use. Before putting something in your ass, ask yourself “would I be willing the put this in my mouth?” If the answer is no, then you need to clean it. Never put something dirty or dusty inside your bottom.

Next, put a towel down on the bed and lay down. Lube the prostate massager up with plenty of water-based lube before insertion. You may want to “warm your anus up” by lubricating your finger and fingering yourself for a few minutes with 1 or 2 fingers. This helps your anus to relax and expand slightly, making more room for the toy.


Getting into the “zone” for prostate play

It’s called a “prostate massage” for a reason – you really need to be in a relaxed and meditative state of mind. I know saying that you need to be in a meditative state sounds all hippie-ish and weird, but believe me when I say that it’s true! Calm your body and your mind, think arousing thoughts, and get yourself excited for one of the best orgasms of your fucking life.

This meditative state of mind helps to trigger and stimulate the muscles inside you which are going to give you intense pleasure later on. It’s very hard to describe if you’re not used to these sensations, but it’s almost like you have to get your butt “excited” for this pleasure before it evens happens. The more “excited” your ass is, the more readily it produces anal orgasms.

Also, breathing is really important with many kinds of prostate massage – make sure that you take deep and long breaths, allowing your body to feel all the sensations of the massage as you slowly inhale and exhale your breath. Try to be as mindful as possible with your breathing; it’s an essential part of the process. Practicing mindfulness meditation in your everyday life could actually be a huge help here.

Hands free prostate orgasms are not the sort of things that can be achieved in a quick 10 minutes before you catch the train – this is the kind of thing you need to set a couple of hours aside for. Ideally, you want to be home alone (you’ll want to moan loudly) and you’ll want to have 1-2 hours of time without any distractions. If you can plan for 2+ hours of free time, then that’s even better. Don’t rush, as rushing will get you nowhere with this kind of erotic milking.