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How to choose a massage stick? Where to buy a massage stick

by Adult sexlove on February 13, 2020

As we all know, massage sticks are a general term that includes different types of massage sticks with different effects. So, how to choose a massage stick? Where to buy it?

Massage stick is a new product with the following four characteristics:

1. In-depth comprehensive massage to relax the body and mind

Massage sticks can effectively reduce fatigue and soreness caused by exercise and mental stress. When your muscles feel sore and tense due to fatigue, comfortable massage can effectively relieve discomfort, relieve muscle soreness, eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength. Rejuvenates muscles and improves blood circulation. Relax the muscles that are tightened after exercise.

2. strong thrashing function

The throbbing function of the massage stick penetrates the muscle tissue and effectively reduces soreness. The weight of the close-infrared massage stick is concentrated on the massage head, so the intensity of the massage is greatly enhanced.

3.with speed mediation function

With self-adjustable massage speed, you can enjoy flexible massage. Faster massage speed can effectively stretch tight muscles, and slow massage speed can help relieve muscle soreness.

4. streamlined design is light and beautiful

The clever design of the appearance fully considers the characteristics of ergonomics. The streamlined handle can easily massage any part of the body. Easy to use and easy to carry, you can enjoy massage anytime, anywhere.

How to choose a massage stick mainly depends on what functions the massage stick provides. There are two types of massage sticks:

1. it is a kind of massage equipment for health massage, which has functions of vibration and heating, such as dolphin massage sticks in shopping malls.

2. it is a massage stick for fun.