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How long is your sex fight time?

by Adult sexlove on September 16, 2020

Sex is like exercise, and orgasm is like bungee jumping. Every racer wants to be a "One Night Seven Jiro", but the imagination is full, but the reality is skinny.

How long is your sex fight time?

A senior driver from Phoenix.com conducted a survey and told us an ironclad fact: 52.3% of men have less than 10 minutes of insertion time! ! !

However, psychologists at Pennsylvania State University in the United States pointed out that long-term pleasure is not good for sex. It can only satisfy a small proportion of men’s illusory satisfaction.

And American sexologists agree that the ideal duration of sex is about 10 minutes.

How long is your sex fight time?

According to research, one or two minutes is too short to meet the sexual requirements of both parties, especially women.

Most couples believe that 3-7 minutes of sex is acceptable.

10 minutes is the ideal state.

If it exceeds 13 minutes, even if it is "long", it is easy to get exhausted and lose interest.

How long is your sex fight time?

So, how long is an erection appropriate?

If you can ejaculate, the erection time is more than 1 minute as normal, and the erection time is not as long as possible.

Generally speaking, an appropriate erection time should be able to enable both spouses to achieve a satisfactory sex life, and this erection time is the best.

Once the erection lasts for more than 4 hours, you should seek medical treatment in time to prevent priapism from causing irreversible organic damage.

So guys, do you think it’s sex as long as possible?