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What is the price of artificial penis? Expensive?

by Adult sexlove on February 16, 2020

The simulation penis is exquisite in design and refined with imported latex. It has realistic stimulation and non-slip surface treatment to increase the friction of sexy parts. So, how much is the simulation penis, is it expensive?



According to the principle of medical bionics, the simulated penis massages the sensitive areas through massage and other functions, stimulates local nerves, promotes local blood circulation and regulates endocrine to achieve the coexistence of physical therapy and healthy masturbation, and enjoy the purpose of enjoying a high quality of life.

It is suitable for elderly women who have weakened sexual function or long-term sexual life disorder; women who are separated from each other, strong sexual desire, and divorced or single women; especially recommended for successful women who pursue high-quality life experience. Regulates endocrine, and resolves the problem of facial rashes and bleached skin caused by endocrine disorders from the root. After use, it radiates and has an unexpected harvest of beauty (found by many consumers after use).

What is the price of a simulation penis? There is no clear price standard, because there are many manufacturers of simulation penis, and there are more sellers. The prices set by each merchant are different. The price given by the merchant is the standard.

Is the simulation penis expensive? Although there is not a relatively definite price standard, because the market price will always fluctuate with various factors such as time. But the price will not be very expensive, generally within the affordability of ordinary families, it will not be as expensive as ordinary people cannot.