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What is the difference between a jumping egg and a vibrating stick? Which is easy to use

by Adult sexlove on February 21, 2020

Two sex toys, jumping eggs and vibrators, are very popular products in the sex toys market today. The two are different products. So, what's the difference between a jumping egg and a vibrator, which one works well?

The jumping egg is a kind of sex toy, also called shock egg, which is used to put it into the vagina for masturbation. Due to its small size, it can be put into the vagina as a whole, or it can be used to stimulate the clitoris and nipples. Jumping eggs are made of rubber, plastic, metal, silicon and other materials. Its surface is smooth, and there are already many cute shapes on the market and various different colors of jumping eggs, which increase the user's interest.

The shape of the vibrating stick is extremely realistic, the design is exquisite, the protruding lines on the surface of the penis, and the realistic stimulation, whether it is the scrotum, the coronary sulcus or the glans, every subtle detail is fully expressed. Can cause strong irritation to female sensitive parts. The powerful majestic shape fully reflects the exotic macho style. It can massage sensitive areas inside and outside the vagina of women at the same time, giving women multiple stimuli to reach orgasm quickly, and has a good therapeutic effect on treating women's sexual apathy and lack of orgasm. It can be used repeatedly for a long time, and it is the first choice for modern women's masturbation and sexual function rehabilitation treatment.

What's the difference between a jumping egg and a vibrator? In fact, both are sex toys. However, the structure and principle are different, and the price and function are slightly different, but both are sex toys, and they are very easy to use and popular.

Which jump egg and vibrator works well?

In fact, the two have their own characteristics, and they have different functions and advantages for people's needs, so it is difficult to compare who is easy to use, and they are both sex toys, which are not comparable. Choose to buy.

Can you use jumping eggs?

Nowadays, it is generally adult women who use erotic jumping eggs. The sexual excitement generated by the use of sex jumping eggs often exceeds the ability of women to control themselves. The role of sex jumping eggs cannot be resisted or concealed. Using sexy jumping eggs to continue to stimulate the sexy area will eventually trigger the arrival of orgasm. The role of erotic jumping eggs is even seen in women who have never reached an orgasm with their loved ones in sex.

Therefore, under the guidance of an experienced sex therapist, women with apathetic sex are expected to improve their lack of orgasm through the use of sex jumping eggs.

Of course, erotic jumping eggs can also be used for men, but the stimulation and excitement effect on men is far less significant and stronger than the effect on women. Sexologists explain that women's sexual excitement mechanisms may be more complicated than men's. They need more caressing, stimulation and preparation before the orgasm arrives, and they have a stronger response to the role of sex jumping eggs.

So using hop eggs to flirt is classy in some way.