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What is Adult Soft Gel Jumping Egg

by Adult sexlove on February 27, 2020

Sexy jumping eggs have become popular among young women, and are also popular among single-collar workers and older women. The market for adult egg jumping eggs is now relatively large. So what is the adult soft gel egg?

Adult soft gel jumping eggs are also very popular in the market, mainly for adults. Its product works well. It has seven-segment pulse vibration frequency, the silicone material feels delicate, and the motor is silent. Seven-segment pulse vibration frequency, independently controlled by one hand. Super cool bounce is made of imported silicone material, delicate. It feels like real skin and does not make people resist. Give you a more comfortable feel and experience. Ultra-quiet motor, vibration frequency up to 16,000 revolutions per minute. Give you higher and better enjoyment.

The characteristics of adult soft rubber jumping eggs are:
A. seven-segment pulse vibration frequency, can be independently controlled with one hand
B. Super cool short egg. The raw material is imported silicone material. It is delicate and feels like real human skin. It will not make people resist.
C. vibration motor, using ultra-quiet motor, vibration frequency up to 16,000 rpm
D. This product is waterproof

Many people have such a misconception that jumping eggs is a tool for stimulating organs, but it is a mistake. Little vibrating eggs can not only stimulate female sexual organs. In other words, all sensitive parts of women can be used to stimulate, massage, and soothe.