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What are the good female masturbators

by Adult sexlove on February 13, 2020

Masturbation prepares for adult sex. Female masturbation accounts for nearly as much as men, and female masturbation devices have emerged as the times require. It should be noted that women have shorter urethra, so women are more likely to have urethral diseases than men. If you do not do good personal hygiene, underwear is not clean, when masturbating, your hands are not clean and so on, it will easily lead to disease. So using a masturbator at this time will reduce the incidence of disease. So, what are the useful masturbators for health products?

The most orthodox female sex toy-simulation penis

Is the most orthodox, why is it the most orthodox? Because this is a basic simulation of what men call "the words", which can directly bring impact visually, and is basically used as a piston motion (do not rule out a small part Specially designed products contain G-point stimulation and other functions). Generally, the material is very soft and flexible, which makes people love it. Basically, these products have the function of vibration, which can adjust the frequency of vibration. Products with suction cups also have You can fix the posture, which is convenient for more creative gameplay choices. This type of female sex toys has the most potential for an orgasm, so I call it-the most orthodox.

Unorthodox female sex toys-jumping eggs

The jumping egg not only has the most basic piston function, but it is often used as a flirt. You can use it as an appetite or both men and women flirt and use, it can stimulate Yin Di, even the back court, holding the handle switch to adjust the vibration speed to an appropriate frequency. The thrill of intense vibration will definitely give you an unexpected surprise. At the same time, some product designs also come with a flashing light function. It can be imagined that the fun of intercourse will increase less. No matter whether it is male, female, or husband, they are the ideal sex toys. At the same time, the female sex toy has more privacy. Easier to collect without being found.

G-spot stimulation female sex toys-G-spot stimulation

This kind of female sex toy is a special female sex toy, generally 6-8 inches long, and can be bent. This curved design can touch any part and let you experience the special stimulation of the G spot. Strictly speaking, the G-spot stimulator is not entirely in the category of female sex toys. The boys also know that the strange stimulation it brings in the backyard game can actually reach the prostate! As far as the access device is concerned, it provides a Completely alternative stimulation, vaginal orgasm women also love it.

All-around female sex toy

It is also called telescoping ball stick, which combines N various kinds of different functions such as egg jumping, G-point stimulation, JJ simulation, etc., which can be described as high cost-effective high technology.

Sex toys with high content, the head mimics a dildo and can swing, equipped with a small hair brush that stimulates the clitoris, and the ball can stimulate the G spot. The possibility of such female sex toys letting women burst into instincts is never lost to the dildo.