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The first time I took a jump egg to work

by Adult sexlove on February 19, 2020

The first time I took a jump egg to work was a recommendation from a colleague. Huahua: "Come, show you something good." Huahua saw no one in the office and mysteriously called me over. "Why, sneaky?" I came to her desk with her and she looked at Around, a box was removed from the drawer. I took a look and said, "What do I think it is, isn't it a jumping egg ?!" There is a pink jumping egg in the box. "Oh, keep quiet! What's so different about this?" "It's no different, except the wires are shorter and the switch has become so small!" "Sister, do you see that is a switch?"

Wireless remote control jumping egg

I heard her say that when I looked carefully, it was true that the small, thin card had nothing but a wire. "Look, here's the control switch!" Huahua took the switch out of the drawer. "This is a remote control. The card is a sensor. Look!" Lili turned on the switch and the jumping egg really started to shake. "Interesting, there are actually remote controls, where did you get them?" I asked while playing with the egg.

Japanese popular gameplay

"It was a friend of mine and a nurse. I brought it back when I went to Japan to study a few days ago. It ’s very popular there, set it up, and then put on underwear, why are the lines connecting the jumping eggs and induction cards so short? The card is also put in the underwear together, and I can't see it when I put on the clothes, so I can use it whenever I want to use the switch. I can also bring it to work. How about it, great ?! "I couldn't help it anymore." Looking at our relationship, I'll borrow you first. "" How can you be so generous today? "" To be honest, I have one more. "This flower, she had one.

The passion brought by the jumping egg

Go back to my office and see other people haven't come back from the meeting yet. Hurry up and try. After I set it up, I put the skirt together and there was really no trace. I gently pressed the switch in my hand and it started to shake. When everyone came back to work, I turned it off. The experience was very good and convenient. If you have vaginal dryness, you can try to use lubricating fluid.