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How to use wireless Jumping egg? How to clean

by Adult sexlove on February 27, 2020

Many people know that there is the jumping egg, and there are many people who want to buy it or have already purchased it but will not use it. This user has caused some confusion. So, what is the correct way to use wireless

Jumping egg and how to clean it?

The shape of the jumping egg is very important. Users should choose according to their preferences and certain sizes and needs. There are many types of jumping eggs available for consumers to buy, such as: single jumping egg, double jumping egg, double switch double jumping egg, wireless jumping egg, wired jumping egg, waterproof jumping egg, frequency jumping egg, stepless jumping egg, barbed jumping egg, remote jumping egg, metal jumping egg LCD jumping eggs, long jumping eggs, short jumping eggs, etc. Only you can't think of it, nothing you can't buy.

What is the correct use method of wireless egg jumping? The method of using wireless egg jumping is very simple: insert the battery in the battery box; gently place the egg jumping in the vagina or anus; start the switch and adjust the vibration frequency to be comfortable. Before using this instrument, scrub and disinfect with 75% medical alcohol, and apply a small amount of lubricant for better use. After using this product, please take out the battery, wash the appliance with antibacterial solution or water, dry it with a dry cotton towel, or dry it naturally, then apply alcohol, and let the alcohol evaporate before putting it into the packing box. Inside collection.

How to clean the wireless Jumping egg? Avoid cleaning the switch, power supply, etc. with water, rubbing with your fingers while washing, do not use a brush or acid detergent. After washing, it is best to wipe with a dry cotton cloth, or a high-quality paper towel is also a good choice. After wiping, air dry naturally to avoid exposure to the sun! Finally, you can use a special cleaning solution or diluted alcohol (75%) to disinfect, or you can sprinkle some talcum powder before storing.