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How to use sex jumping eggs?

by Adult sexlove on February 20, 2020

How to use sex jumping eggs?

Although, we are no strangers to sex toys, we have all heard of them and even seen them. But still many people said that they didn't know how to use the fun. So, what exactly is the use of erotic jumping eggs? Today, let me tell you!

What is the meaning of jumping eggs

Before we understand the use of sex jumping eggs, let us understand what is sex jumping eggs. Needless to say, everyone should know that it is an egg that can arouse and arouse. Its main function is that it can emit continuously adjustable high-frequency vibrations to achieve the massage and stimulation effect on female sensitive parts. So as to promote the harmonious sexual life between couples and lovers, and enhance the relationship between the two. The average person uses a lot of misunderstandings when using jumping eggs. Improper use will bring bad results. Below I will introduce to you a few kinds of fun jumping eggs. To choose a jumping egg that suits you, you must first understand the basic classification of jumping eggs. Jumping eggs can be divided into basic jumping eggs, multi-shock jumping eggs, soft rubber jumping eggs, double-shock jumping eggs, one-shock one-stick jumping eggs, pronunciation jumping eggs, and special-shaped jumping eggs.

How to use the fun jumping egg

Next, we will begin to learn the use of fun jumping eggs: first install the battery according to the instruction manual battery box illustration; then, apply lubricant on the surface of the device (you can also wear Durex condoms on the device; Insert the vagina; start the power supply to vibrate and massage the vagina to reach orgasm; turn off the power and withdraw the device from the vagina. If you have vaginal dryness, you can try to use lubricant.

Erotic Jump Egg Usage: Misunderstandings

Of course, although I have learned about the use of fun jumping eggs, there are still many people who have entered the misunderstanding. Many people think that jumping eggs is a tool for stimulating the clitoris, but it is actually wrong. A small vibrating egg can not only stimulate the female clitoris. In this way, all female incisive parts can be used to stimulate, massage, and soothe. Don't directly stimulate women's special sensitive parts at first, because many women belong to the slow-heat type, and it may not be able to stand the stimulation of the clitoris, especially for girls without more sexual experience.

Now, do you understand the use of sex jumping eggs? However, it is better to know the usage of the fun and jump egg in more detail through personal experience, and to know what to do at each step.